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    The pre-order for ALEA JACTA EST have started, you can pre-order it directly from the pulishers http://www.ageod.com/eu/ with some interesting pre-order benefits, or at gamersgate. Several Beta AARs have been started on their forum, there are AAR's about "Sulla's first civil war", the "Sertorian War" and "the year of 4 emperors"! http://www.ageod-forum.com/forumdisplay.php?306-Alea-Jacta-Est
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    http://www.ageod-forum.com/showthread.php?24497-AGEOD-s-New-Game-ALEA-JACTA-EST The game is based on the engine ATHENA made by AGEOD. The game will at first focus on the civil war that rough Julius Caesar to power, maybe later other civil wars can be added. The release date is set to 3rd quarter 2012, most likely August-September.
  3. Okay I know wikipedia isn't to be trusted too much but in this case I think we can trust wikipedia. Link to Netherlands history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netherlands#History Dutch traders were trading in, what today is Indonesia, during the 1590' atleast.
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    Vikings met Incas?

    The one and only...
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    Vikings met Incas?

    There is actually a theory that vikings travled all the way to South America and there established themselfs as the Inca nobility. There is a book about it "Drakkars sur l'Amazone (Drakkars on the Amazone)" by Jacques de Mahieu but I dont know how much you can belive the theory when the author served in Waffen-SS during WW2 and after the war have written several books with strong white surpremecy tendencies.
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    Limes are the border fortification that existed along the Rhine, Donube, Syria, the border between roman held britian and pict held britain, and africa. Here is wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limes
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    You are quite right Kosmo. I forgot to mention that the article was refering to the land fortification between Rhine and Donube but when it comes to time it dont goes into specific and when it comes to the number 40,000 legioneers it just says that was the number that was staioned there constantly. I have allways come to belive that legioneers when not in combat they either trained or was involved in building projects. Such "low" tasks as patroling the border was left to the auxilaries. The magazine is "Illustrerad Vetenskap nr 7/2007" it is a scandinavian science magazine.
  8. I have just read through a science magazine I get once a month and this month there was a article about the limes in Germany. Although the article was good I get a feeling they miss something when they talk about the number of soldiers guarding the lime. They write that 40,000 legioneers protected the lime but I, with my not very great but still considerble knowledge of the roman army, doubt that legioneers did the work of patroling the limes on a daily basis as that would be more a work for the auxiliaries. When they say 40,000 legioneers I think that atleast as many auxiliaries was guarding the limes. Am I wrong?
  9. Geat! thanks! i will look through the site more closly when I have the time. Well I live in Sweden so it would be the european continent.
  10. I have now for some time wondered about the life of the auxilla in a border fort. I remember seeing pictures of auxillary troops stationed in a tower on border wall (limes) and that got me wondering, how long did they stay in a border tower? Is there any books/internet sites that tells about the life of the auxillary troops? P.S. Moderators I didn't really know where to put my question so please feel free to move it or delete it.
  11. When I see a mental picture of a roman legionare I see the good old picture the segmenta armor but also that the cloth is red. Almost all pictures I have seen on reenactment events they also have red cloth. What does the color of the cloth mean to the roman soldier?
  12. I have many times seen on maps of the roman empire that the crimean peninsula was part of it, but there is nothing about it on this page. Now were can I find some info about romans in the crimean peninsula?