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  1. Im sorry if my scenario was unclear, I d
  2. Legio X

    The battle of Leuktra

    Nice explanation thanks
  3. Legio X

    The battle of Leuktra

    But in that case the Spartans should have rolled up the Theban left wing before, as the Spartans (probaly) had much stronger and more experienced soldiers...
  4. I've read that the Thebans used a "diagonal" battle line, but how could they get such an advantage over the Spartans just because that?
  5. I know his own "diary" was a major source of our knowledge about the campaign against the Gauls. but is Caesar's writings the only source of our knowledge of the war really? Caesar's commentaries on his Gallic adventure were not for his own private use (as in a diary), but for political propaganda. It's useful to note in this context that Caesar refers to himself in the third person ("Caesar", "he") and not in the first person ("I"). Unless Caesar were quite mad, it's unlikely he'd use the third person for himself in his own diaries. (Though this is someone who claimed to be a descendent of Venus...) We do have other sources for the war, but I don't think they're really dispositive of the numbers Caesar faced. Our other sources are archaeological -- so, we can go to Gergovia (say) and excavate for Roman war machinery, but it won't tell us how many Gallic women and children were clapped in chains and sent to Rome. For that kind of information, we rely on Caesar (who claims to have enslaved a million men, women and children). You said the commentaires was for propaganda purpose, and so think I, but the talk abput descent from venus is too of course, i dont think he really thought he was a desent from a god, but it strengthen his stand with the people.
  6. I dont know very much about the byzantine armies, but i think they would have won, bacause their flexibility, strong cavalry, and strong mix of roman,greek and eastern influensed troops. The macedonians had great cavalry to in the companions, but they were used to fight light armed and less organized enemies like the persians.
  7. Well i think Caesar was the best, hw won several battles against overwelmling (spell??) odds, aoften because exelent diplomatic and kindness to the people.
  8. Are you saying there were only 300 troops among the Greeks? Respectfully, I don't think so. There were also 700 Thespians and 400 Thebens...and probably a lot more as well as a couple thousand helots in support at the final battle. Before that final day, there were several thousand other Greek allies who retreated only when it appeared hopeless. A late Empire army means less discipline, less training, and even less loyalty. It also spells a more likely defeat of the Romans. On the other hand, let's consider Persian wicker shields vs. a well-disciplined Roman killing machine of a Julius Caesar. Throw in a few hundred auxiliary Roman archers and Balearic slingers. More interesting. The Battle at Thermopylae (at least initially) was a frontal encounter in a limited area. This would play to the legion's strength. guy also known as gaius Now when i wrote "late empire", i meant non-republic, an army after the Marian reforms. Not an army from the the downfall time of Rome, but like around 30BC- 150AD. But i agree that the romans wasn't as loyal or had the same condempt of death as the Spartans. Sorry my bad english, I'm from Sweden ya know
  9. What had been the result if the invading persians faced late-empire legions instead of Spartans at Thermopylae?
  10. Hi! I wonder if you think Constantine the greats military reforms were good or bad for the empire in the long run.. for an example he took away the preatorians and made limitateii to bordertroops..well you can read about it yourself and tell me what you think
  11. Legio X

    Roman Cohort versus a Macedonian Phalanx.

    You never answered the question hehe
  12. Legio X

    Roman Cavalry.

    Well, the after the divide of east and western roman empire the eastern realized the value of cavalry agains their eastern enemies, mainly sassanids. Thatswhy they made clibinarii and cathafractii, but i guess youre right about earlier
  13. Legio X

    Roman Cohort versus a Macedonian Phalanx.

    I think the romans would win, read about the battle of Pydna and you will understand
  14. Hello, i wonder wich general of the ancient you think was the greatest. This can include kings, emperors etc.