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    Spectacle in the Roman World

    I'd love to get a copy!
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    Gaius Marius-Where do we all stand?

    Yes, Cinna was quite the rascal. As soon as Sulla leaves, he attempts a coup! To his credit, he did stop the massacres ordered by Marius however.
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    Gaius Marius-Where do we all stand?

    Hi all! This is my first post on the forum but I have been reading these forums for quite some time now. I have noticed that one important roman figure that is seldom discussed around here is so called "Third Founder of Rome", Gaius Marius. After reading through the long discussion on Sulla, I thought a discussion on Marius would be equally interesting. Honestly, I have no clue on what to make of the man. Was he a great Roman, and a great monster? Was he a military genius or a military mediocrity? Reformer or mere manipulator of the masses? Does he deserve the praise heaped on him? On the one hand he was responsible for a far reaching and sorely needed reform of the roman military, and unquestionably deserves the military credit for Aquae Sextiae. But it seems clear that the Jugurthine war was skillfully ended by Sulla. Does Marius deserve any real credit for the victory in Africa, or did he expropriation of the command just do the war harm? What about Vercellae? It seems that Catulus and Sulla are alternatively given credit for the victory and not Marius. Was he effective during the social war? On the flip side there is his political career. Early on he alienated the Metelli by supporting better voting practices and he did somewhat support the radical reforms of Saturninus. He even stopped the violence when he got out of control! Did he do anything of the sort during his consulships? And Finally comes the end of his career. Was he justified in stealing the command of the war against Mithradates? Was it even legal? And how does one explain the massacres at the end? Was he mad, drunk, or was it just the frustration of struggling for so many years as a novus homo against the roman elite that led him to snap and fill the streets with blood? Also, what did later generations of Romans think of Marius? Did Cicero say anything of note? All interesting items of discussion methinks.