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    i love reading about history, more specificaly roman history. Anytime i go anywhere with my kids i always check to see if there are any roman ruins, or if there was any connection with rome, my kids are unimpressed by my long drawn out babbles about roman history, as are my mates and workmates...but hey ho ;)
  1. markc

    Why are you interested in Rome?

    yeah they would love to get rid of a few oponmants i think, and in some countries they still do. I've read about decimation, it sounds crazy, they were to be beaten to death by their mates.
  2. markc

    Why are you interested in Rome?

    I have a lot of reasons for liking , nae loving roman history, the people, the politics, the battles, the reasons that are given for invasions and attrocities that were committed. I am intregued by charactors like ceasar and sulla. men would on one hand brutaly kill someone and then do something like reform the republic or feed the poor, or instigate laws that protected certain 'moral' standards. the politics were amazing, on the one hand politicians like crassus would take unprecedented steps to protect his massive income by teaming up with his greatest rival, pompey, while at the same time bankrolling Ceasars dream of being the most powerful man in the fats growing empire. Then there was the man himself who on one hand would ethnically cleanse entire cities one day and 'pardon' whole cities the next for pretty much the same transgressions. And he wasnt the only one, i love reading about how the both the state and individuals were so contrary in there everyday lives, the way they treated the vanquished could be so different from one day to the next depending on what they wanted from them. On the one hand they differ so much from modern society with there morals and values, and on the other they morror modern politics and reasons for war it's scary.
  3. markc

    Greatest Roman Figure??

    Ceasar was the reason I started to read about Roman history, the more i read about it the more i feel that not only was he the greatest roman but he was probably one of the greatest men through out history. Even when he was no more than a boy he was putting himself up against some of the most powerful men of the time. His refusal to do what Sulla told him with regards to his marrage was one of the first 'gambles' he took that in the end made him more powerful and loved by the people at rome. it seems that his biggest mistake was his benevolence towards his enemies once he had defeated them. Dont get me wrong there are many other great people in roman history but ceasar seemed to just outshine all of them with a mixture of his tactical geniusand political awareness. I have joined this site to, hopefully, learn more and meet some like minded people, not only people that may agree with my opinion of giosue julious Ceasar...
  4. Hi everyone, My name is Mark and I am fom Scotland in the UK