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  1. ObstinatusMulus

    Is the former Roman empire falling again?

    Do these people study history? Democracy was invented by pagan Greece long before Christianity. Or even study christianity? A little St. Augustine anyone?
  2. ObstinatusMulus

    Experts baffled by remains found at Roman site

    Or was done in by criminals....a la the Mob.
  3. ObstinatusMulus

    You can't beat Amazon!!

    Ahh yes Artimi but you're in Canada and I'm in the UK so the P&P would be astronomical!!!! Of course I'll let you know how the book shapes up!! I typically flip between B&N and Amazon, but also check Alibris and Abebooks, as well as Amazon.UK for the really hard to find (at least in Oklahoma.) Doc
  4. ObstinatusMulus

    What's the last book you read?

    Currently reading Peter Heather's The Fall of Rome. He basic argument conflicts with Gibbon, stating it was external factors that led to the downfall of the Western Empire and the degradation of the Eastern. Not far into yet, but pretty good so far. Doc
  5. Welcome to the forum! I am interested in military history as well. Which are your favorite battles throughout history? The Battle of Actium Scipio Africanus operations in Spain. Battle of Zama Teutoberger Wald Operations during the Crusades Wellington in Spain After Waterloo (in fact probably during it because of Nationalistic armies) I feel that battles take on less meaning to the overall operations (except to those who fought them), and thus I study more of why a battle was fought where it was, under what socio-political and physical environments. My most studied wars are the American Civil War and World War II.
  6. My name is Russell. I am a student of history, mostly military, from time periods from Roman to current. I am mostly interested the devolpment of armies and soldiers. I also like to look at the operational levels of campaigns, rather than individual battles ad nauseum. I have had 5 years of Latiin, but am real rusty. Thank you for listening.. Doc (I go by Doc due to a stint as a Hospital Corpsman stationed with Marines)