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    Do you know this documentary?

    Back in 2002 the BBC ran a 50 minute documentary called Roman Soldiers to Be . I believe this may have effectively been the template for a couple of other programmes put out either by Channel 4, as you suggested, or possibly Channel 5 but with a quick search I haven't tracked them down. The other possibility is that some programmes such as the one on the discovery of a female burial with a 'possible' gladiatorial aspect incorporate generic military scenes. This particualr discovery I know led to the production of the 'Gladiatrix' programme in which some basic gladiatorial training was given to the girls who participated in it so the film crew could intercut the 'loose' discussion on the archaeological 'evidence' with some combat scenes. Thanks, Melvadius. You have gone through the process I went through, this forum was my last attempt. Thanks anyway I fear I shall have to leave this docu-drama in it's grave.
  2. Marcellus Mastrannus

    Do you know this documentary?

    In the US, we have this program: http://www.spike.com/show/31082 guy also known as gaius Thanks, I have seen it; and i hope I can see without insult its absolute s**** xD
  3. Marcellus Mastrannus

    Do you know this documentary?

    On channel 4?
  4. Marcellus Mastrannus

    Roman Scenario Based Rpg

    HELP!! Sorry to resurrect this topic but it appears that this link is broken; is this rpg still going?
  5. Marcellus Mastrannus

    New Bettany Hughes series

    Guy you have certainly slated Ms Hughes however I will defo tune in as there are precious little documentaries as it is and the more people who watch the more likely they will be better quality
  6. Marcellus Mastrannus

    Do you know this documentary?

    OK, some years ago in the UK a docu-drama in which a few volunteers trained to become various historical fighters including gladiators. Can ayone give me a name?
  7. Marcellus Mastrannus

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    aawwwwwwwwwww thats mean haa thanks so much for the name and for the interesting background I think i shall have to use it as a pyseudonym
  8. Marcellus Mastrannus

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    ooops i forgot to post them v embarrassed sbaahaymntiess
  9. Marcellus Mastrannus

    Why are you interested in Rome?

    I chose other and therefore am required to explain *deep breath*. For me history is a study of the past to seek ideas for the future; why the romans interest me so much if they hadn't of existed we wouldn't be the same today. In essence, I believe, they have shaped the modern world. p.s. Ok ill admit it the blood and glory might have swung just a bit.
  10. Marcellus Mastrannus

    Roman vs Samnite architecture in Pompeii

    Perhaps then the conclusion to draw from this it that not only was Rome culturally and military great but so were her italic neighbours. Often people make it seem as though the Romans etruscans and so forth were completely different when in fact like the regions of modern italy they had more in common then not.
  11. Marcellus Mastrannus

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Those are way too many letters, Marcellus Mastrannus. Please give me a scramble of just your first name and last name. Thanks! -- Nephele lol kk
  12. Marcellus Mastrannus

    temple architecture

    Churches and temples are only related in two ways; I) there places of worship II) they were built by romans. Christian churches are in fact based on the roman basilica rather than the temple
  13. Marcellus Mastrannus

    Top ten Roman Atrocities?

    I suspect most posters here agreed with your big picture perspective where Roman good side exceeds their bad. I urge you to post some top ten lists of their positive contributions, like technology, gov't or whatever. It somehow seems boring when I try even though I revere the Romans, and all I can come up with is something like the 5 worst Roman Arts: 1) 1st style painting 2) 2nd style painting 3) 3rd style painting 4) 4th style painting 5) their culinary arts. Well, maybe 3 best: 1) architecture 2) sculpture 3) mosaics It's fun to contrast the eccentric failings of geniuses or genius cultures. The very thing that drives them to such heights sometimes accentuates their lows. For the Romans I still believe naumachia's were the height of depravity - an almost certain pointless mass death rather than the hit and miss of colloseum or battlefield hijinks. More recently, look at Tom Edison who invented electric lights etc. His pushing of impractical DC current distribution rather than AC led him to twisted demonstrations of electrocuting of an elephant and smaller animals with AC even though he was supposedly a great humanitarian man of science. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Edison#War_of_currents Hmmmm I see your point about their good things and so forth and I agree. The reason I am a Romanophile is because believe or not our modern society would not exist in its present form if they had not of existed.
  14. Marcellus Mastrannus

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    Could you do mine, pretty please? salnbexaybtsnrsaieoramehdaemas Of course get rid of some of the letters!!
  15. Marcellus Mastrannus

    Top ten Roman Atrocities?

    To start with, I hope I am not resurrecting this topic from Elysium however I feel I should add a few words. I am apologetic for saying this however I feel that this is exactly the sort of topic that gives the romans a bad press so to speak. I believe you are completely ignoring the context of the era, and, in my opinion, taking that unforgivable view of looking from the modern era back. It is extremely important in these issues to think from the perspective of a roman rather than a modern person. For example, the romans would have considered Commodus, Nero, Caligula etc atrocious people (see their sticky ends) however to them crucifying dogs is a tradition akin to bullfighting. Regards Marcellus