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    Spectacle in the Roman World

    I would love to get that book as I have so much to learn.
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    Roman Soldier on Hadrians Wall.

    Intelligence is not necessarily indicative of taste in the "arts". Interest in finer thing is truly an individual thing... so the answer is he could have. . It may depend on his education - formal or informal, the station of his family or even his place of origin. In any case, books were a relative luxury, hand printed, bound or rolled, etc - not as much as compared to the middle ages when they were truly scarce, but still uncommon for the average Roman. Regardless, a fair case could be made for having exposure to such works without any great stretching of reality. Thank you for your reply to my question, it has been a big help.
  3. Would a Roman Soldier (Surveyor) working on Hadrians wall, have read Vergil, The Aeneid. ? My reason for asking is that I am writing a paper about Hadrians Wall, and wanted to add background information. Personally, I would think yes. If he is intelligent enough to be a Serveyor, he would probably be interested in finer things.