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  1. Decius Valerius Comes

    Welcome and Introduce Yourself Here

    Salvete, omnes - I've been a member at UNRV for some time, but I rarely get over here. Despite that AND because of that, I thought I would post a Hello once more. Rome has been an interest for me (to whatever degree!) since I was a teen (a late 1960s teen) when I read Rex Warner's translation of Caesar's Gallic War. And I have made some study of Rome and the Latin language since. But I wanted to say hi, and say it especially to Ursus and Nephele, who greeted me when I first arrived here, years ago.
  2. Decius Valerius Comes

    Happy New Year!

    Thanks, Viggen. Ut felix sit hic Novus Annus nobis omnibus.
  3. Decius Valerius Comes

    The Heritage of Roman Names

    Salve, Urse - However much we love the Classical world, the Hebrew prophets & heroes are powerful & Romantic figures out of literature & history. ("Romantic" in the common, non-Roman, wild & passionate sense.) It's just a name sourced from a different thread of culture - might as well have been Greek, Germanic, Slavic, or even pop-fantasy derived! Vale bene.
  4. Decius Valerius Comes

    All time favorite book

    I read Sutcliff's Eagle of the Ninth recently - yes, a good book. I had read Frontier Wolf some time ago, enjoyed it. I have sitting at home The Lost Eagles by Ralph Graves (published the year I was born, 1955) which I had started but put aside and need to finish. Can't give a judgment on that one yet - perhaps one of you has read it?