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  1. AquilliusDrinksGold

    Where would you have lived in the Roman Empire?

    Part of the year I would live in Tiberius' villa on Capri. Part of the year I would live in Rome.
  2. AquilliusDrinksGold

    All time favorite book

    I've read Holland's Rubicon early on in my ancient Roman reading and plan to read it again now that I really appreciate the topic. My favorite book to date is First Man in Rome. I'm on book 4 in the series and love them all. I'm also reading Everitt's Augustus and enjoy it immensely. I plan on getting I, Claudius next even though I've seen the BBC TV series. There's many more books on my list I'm going to read. I just can't get enough.
  3. AquilliusDrinksGold

    I, Claudius by Robert Graves

    Thanks for your review. I've seen the British TV version and fell in love with I, Claudius. I will be purchasing and reading the book as soon as I finish the 4th installment from the Masters of Rome series as sort of a break before I start the 5th installment.