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    Spectacle in the Roman World

    Looks pretty interesting. Count me in!
  2. RelPel


    To GhostOfClayton: Sorry i was just reading name (i thought that advice is your research adn you dont want anyone to steal it). Now its no problem too. Do you think i wanna hunt for people with catapulta? I will be careful. Then i will post there pics. I have seen this 'Building the imposible' and i can say there is a lot of informations. To Melvadius: Thanks for advices, i will try to contact people who have experiences with these. Marek Sulak.
  3. RelPel


    1. I am doing it like a project with 2 other people. I am making a study of sinew cords as main, and i want to have it complex. So maybe i can type your name with our manes under that work. On this project are working: my friend, my phisics teacher and me, and if you will give me advice, you can be in our group. But this advice must be good enough to answer at least 2 of my questions - I know what type of wood i will use, i know what type of roman weapon i will make and i have Vitrovius books (i dont need plans now). So my questions are: Question about sinew cord and question about arrow. Maybe i will be happy with plans, but it must be made from Vitrovius books. 2. No problem.
  4. RelPel


    I have found Vitrovius books. Will try to learn it.
  5. RelPel


    Thanks for advices. to Melvadius: I think i wouldnt find this book, because it doesnt exist in Slovakia. Maybe i will find english version in some library. to Bryaxis Hecatee: I will go to library soon. I was lookoing on google books but i havent find anything real yet, maybe i need to be more patient. I want only wooden catapulta, big like it was really. I have read that Vitruvius wrote a book about this catapulta, i will come out from this.
  6. RelPel


    I dont. I am a little newbie in this. Where i can find that articles?
  7. Hello dudes. I am looking for some advices from specialist of roman warfare. I am going to make a roman balista (scorpio or sth like this) and i have some questions: 1. What type of balista is the easiest to make? 2. I need some plans. I have found some on the internet, but I dont trust all that websites, because I dont know if that plans came out from real balistas made 2000 years ago. Maybe you know some real good plans. 3. I dont know how to strand rope from sinew to a real wide (and what wide it should be) and long. I think it has to be pretty long (maybe 10 metre or more). 4. What type of wood is the best for balista? 5. How to make an arrow for this balista (wood, feather, pike)? Thanks a lot. Marek Sulak.
  8. RelPel

    full Roman

    Thanks a lot. I will look at that sites or groups. Now i have one question. But its hard question i think. The question is: How was birch veneer made in rome? I want to work on scutum, and only problem i have is, that i cant buy birch veneer in good thickness. I am looking for some advices, how can i make it at home.
  9. RelPel

    full Roman

    Thanks for advices. But the problem is, that i live on Slovakia, which is small country and here in Slovakia only a few people likes ancient world ale only some of them are doing Romans. 4 people are near me, thats all. They are not good re-enactments. I believe, they do not re-enact, they only buy equipment and go on some campfire. Some people are in Czech republic i have contacted them and i want contact people in Hungary.
  10. Hello. I am here to ask you if you can hepl me. I'm giong to make some Roman equipment and i need an advice. If someone have some informations about legionary equipment from 1. half of first century to end mastery of Traian, please send me a private message. I need to know everything (what materials were used, working methods), because i want to make that equipment the most contemporari. Thanks.