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    I am working as an professional artist (sculpturor) and is creating ancient works with a touch of modern design so this is my interests to 100%.
  1. Tindareo

    If in Rome or Venice

    Viggen! That should be fun! The opening is at 10.30 on friday the 13th and I will be there that day and on saturday the 14th. Then I will return home to Sweden on the 15th. Opening hrs every day 10.30-19.00. I will not be at the exhibition the whole day but we can get in touch via mobile to coordinate. I'm looking forward to meet you! Per
  2. Tindareo

    If in Rome or Venice

    In Venice at the exhibition "Prebiennale Venezia 2011" between 13th-20th May I will show this two sculptures SERAPIS and VENUS Welcome!
  3. Tindareo

    If in Rome or Venice

    Hi everybody, I am a professional sculptor from Sweden and creat sculptures where ancient influences meet modern design. All my works are related to Ancient Rome or the Roman mythology and to the Greek mythology. My sculptures are very unique. I can't find any other artist creating anything like it. Maybe I can get people a little bit more interested in that period in our history. I am gonna have an exhibition at the ARTROM Gallery in Rome from the 7th May-4th June this year. During the same period I will show some of my works in Venice from 13-20th May. My thema for the exhibition in Rome is "The Aeneid" by Virgil. For more info please visit my web site at www.siwmark.com. Later on I will upload photos of some of my sculptures to my profil at UNRV. YOU ARE ALL WELCOME TO VISIT THE EXHIBITIONS!! /Per
  4. In 2011 (May 7th-June 4th) my ancient sculptures mixed with modern design will be shown at ARTROM Gallery in Rome. If you are around pls be Welcome! More sculptures you will find at www.siwmark.com. Take care and cheers!
  5. Nice to see you again! :-)

  6. Tindareo

    Spectacle in the Roman World

    Yes, please!!!!
  7. Tindareo

    ROME: CAPUT MUNDI Capitol of the World

    Yes please add me too!