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    Distance question?

    Pretty straightforward as the topic. I am wonder how long it would take for the Romans to travel from Rome to Britain at Saxon shore forts such as in what is modern Kent. Also what path would they take to get there? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I am newbie and still learning English so forgive my blunders! I am having to write a fiction story for school and the timeline I am given is 400-410 in Roman Empire. Will anyone want to tell me if these character names could work? The Romans Family one: father: Caius (is this real name?) Pompieus Atellus wife: Cornelia (is his wife take his name as well?) son: Gaius Pompieus Cornelius daughter: Pompieia (spelling?) Family two: older brother: Marcus Octavius Marcellus Corvus younger brother: Marcus Octavius Marcellus Celsus (does 2nt child take mother's side name to prevent confusion>) Other Romans: Lucius Drusus Germanicus (old man was centurian against German barbarians) Quintus Barrius Pius Decimus Varus Merenda Visigoths Ricimar Hathus Eiriks Gelvira (Visigoth woman captured when young and prostituted) I am furthermore lost for ideas of a Greek tutor and some ancient Britain names, if anyone would like to share Thanks to you!
  3. I am known that by the time Alaric and the Visigoth's were becoming a substantial threat the state of the Roman army was not so well, but how changed was it from the old 'golden years' of the empire? Did they still have the set-up of legions with centurions and such? Also, was it possible that a person in this army could be transfurred to another camp/place (say they were stationed in Britain and wanted to go to Rhine instead). Finally, does anyone know the name of the legion/army that Stilicho led at battle of Pollentia? Thanks to you in advance for any help. It would be very appreciated! *apologies for spelling/grammer error. English is a second language.