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  1. Chris Mills

    An Idea: Roman Britain Book

    I have decided to try my hand at a bit of fictional writing, and where better to start than with a time that I have had an interest in for years? I am 20 and have come up with a concept for a book based during the first invasions by Rome into Britain. The basic theme of my idea is a group of Speculatores that head into Britain on a recon mission. They manage their way into a relatively large settlement acting as traders and then things turn pair-shaped (obviously, what would a book be without things going wrong?) Does anyone know of any Roman, similarly themed books that I could perhaps have a look at? I think the idea is pretty original but am unsure, unfortunately I do not have as much knowledge of Roman Fiction as I would like (Or Roman anything!). Also, do you guys know of any interesting fiction/non-fiction that I could get hold of based in Roman Britain around the time of the invasion of Britain? Thanks in advance! (Also, feel free to let me know if you think it's a bad idea) Chris
  2. Chris Mills

    Beginner Reading Materials

    I have looked, but could you recommend any that would be relatively understandable? I was looking for something generic to start with.
  3. Chris Mills

    Beginner Reading Materials

    Hi all, I am a complete beginner when it comes to ancient Roman history but have always had an interest. I am looking for some books or perhaps online sources that are beginner friendly and do not assume much or any knowledge as my knowledge thus far is limited to Wikipedia pages that I hhave read, Warrior of Rome books and Rome: Total War haha! I am particularly interested in the Military and Political side, however, any books that also cover culture as well as these would be interesting too. Can you suggest any books for me to start out with? Thanks in advance, Chris.