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  1. Corburlo

    Most overrated general in all of antiquity?

    I would argue that Alexander the 'Great' is at least in the top 20. Sure he performed an incredible feat in conquering all of the middle east (except Saudi). But the invasion was not his idea, it was his fathers. As was the military reformations that allowed him to dominate Greeks and Persians alike in battle. However as soon as he met a skilled opponent with decent troops such as Memnon of Rhodes he struggled and only through superior tools (ie cavalry) did he succeed. Also his tactics were simple, hammer and anvil and only could be completed due to the competence of his cavalry. Whilst Gaugamela was spectacular it was to bold and if Darius been a little bit more wary and skilled he would have easily countered Alexander strike towards Darius himself. Then Alexander would have been up shit creek without a paddle. He was a poor diplomat and survived due to the reforms of his father.
  2. Corburlo

    Alexander: Great?

    I think that whilst Alexanders feat in itself was incredible, he is overrated. His tactics are simple and consist of a pinning action with his infantry then a crushing cavalry charge. I agree Gaugamela was an incredible battle, but it still consists of very simple tactics. However I feel as if i am missing an aspect of his 'greatness' if it exists so if someone could please enlighten me on said topic I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. Corburlo

    Carthage: Romes Greatest Enemy?

    ok so as i have said i have specified my search and question
  4. Corburlo

    Carthage: Romes Greatest Enemy?

    do you know of anybody who could help me out with the punic wars? As in someone i could email or contact in anyway as i mentioned in my post?
  5. Corburlo

    Carthage: Romes Greatest Enemy?

    OK, so how about this as a rough start. How close Rome came to defeat in the 1st and 2nd punic wars. meaning losing the first and second punic war.
  6. Hey there guys, i am doing a dissertation style qualification, roughly 8,000 words and i would like to see if you could help me with 2 problems i am currently facing. 1. Is this topic a little too broad, i intend on focusing on Carthage and the incurring barabrian tribes such as the Germans and later such tribes from the steppe as well as parthia a section of Attila and other imporant invaders of the late roman and the Ottoman and Sassanian empires. The essay is supposed to be understandable for those with little prior knowledge. I feel it may be, if there are any suggestions for a more refined title i am open to suggestions. 2. I need some good people to help me stay on track who know there way around the period/s and will likely help me. FYI supervisors are not required to work late nights or even more than an hour, it is purely up to them when they help. They are under no obligations and have no need to sign anything. I am based in the UK but international contacts are absolutely fine. Thanks