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    Most overrated general in all of antiquity?

    When Scipio was finally a General, it was quite more difficult to Command army's then later on, for a variety of reasons. The Army was commanded by 2 generals who shared command. One day the better man had it, the next day Hannibal attacked. The Legion only was comprised of "Part-timers". There were zero non-comms in the Legion. Imagine what would happen to Patten if he only had Officers, and Privates to fight. The World would be a very different place. There is a Book, called Scipio Africanus, written by a guy named Richard E. Gabriel. It points out both flaws, and most importantly, his innovations, and he documents his book with tedious detail. Total Respect dude.... Finally Scipio walked away from power. He could have been the first Emperor of Rome. Yet, just like our George Washington, he turned his back on it. This was my first post. Hope I did O.K.