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  1. Viggen, Great job on this UNRV site. I was a reader of this site for many years before I joined some years ago. I have recommended UNRV to other folks with an interest in Roman history. Glad to hear you will still be hanging out here as time permits. You may find me lurking/stalking (reading) around the forums from time to time. I rarely post, but I love the site and the forum. Peter Kay does have some work ahead filling your shoes. Again, Great Job! Mort Rex (aka Tim Jenks, aka Magnus Moorman)
  2. Hi All! I am somewhat new to the site, and am just starting a journey through Roman history and culture. This site really does appear to be a valuable resource for self-directed learning. I do find it interesting that this site originated as resource for enhancing game play of a computer game. Very nice! On a personal note, I live on a hillside in beautiful East Tennessee, USA. I will mostly be lurking/reading early on, unless i have questions. Mort Rex
  3. Mort Rex

    Win!!! Legio XVII: Battle of the Danube

    The name of Thomas A. Timmes first novel is answer: b] Legio XVII: Roman Legion at War Legio XVII: Roman Legion at War was highly recommended to me by a friend. (We were discussing the work of another author, R. W. Peake.) I have crossed some fingers!