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  1. Thanks for the welcome messages. GhostOfClayton, it was only a short trip (4 days, one of which was in Sorento). I wanted to get to the museum in Naples, but fell short on time. Although Pompeii was bigger than Herculaneum, I found the latter more interesting, I just wish I had read up on them both a bit more before going. Regards druidware
  2. Good evening all, Having just signed up to the forum, I am looking forward to interacting and learning more about a subject I find fascinating ! Unable to update my profile yet (as it is saying that it is disabled), I will endeavour to get more information on there when I can. Having been fascinated by the Roman Empire from an early age, I was able to fulfil an ambition a few months back by visiting Pompeii and Herculaneum. It has just fueled my need to discover more. Look forward to interacting and discovering more druidware