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  1. Vesta

    Vestal Virgins

    Think Mary Beard has written something about V.V but I havn´t got that book myself, unfortunately. Worth a search online for it.
  2. Vesta

    A short translation

    Hej Cuspis Yes, makes sense. I will double check with a special "professor"....my grandfather whos Latin is impecable (couldn't reach him yesterday). Thank you very much.
  3. Vesta

    A short translation

    Omnis Salve! My latin courses lasted for too short awhile for me to be able to get a proper ground to stand on. Meaning I can understand a little and speak/write less. I'd like to ask a short question here. You know how one can say "A true heart" in English. As well as we in Sweden have very similar frases. What would that frase look like in Latin? "Cordis veritas"? Or is that gramatically incorrect? Making a ring with an engraving with that line/frase Thanks for any help, friends. /Maria Vesta
  4. Vesta

    Vestal Virgins

    Well, thank you Ursus for that tip/link. I will look into this shortly. I guess we are pretty on the same page on this subject all in all. The only thing I can add here is my own thoughts on the future prospects and vouges that might be. Empires and Cultures come and go. We humans tend to look both back and beyond our future in quite short time spans, in my view and experience. But if we take this and our history back thousands of years and even further we come across both huge female cults (dieties and matriarchal cultrures (actually, there are some small spots on earth where we still have the latter). So, what am I trying to say here....I belive that we, after now have lived under/in very patriarchal influences for very long, we might be in for a/or some major shifts in ways of firstly thinking and then live. We have now long "worshipped" the "square" way of thought and action. As well as ground values = Force by force, the will to conquer in absurdum, war, an all-in-all male leading of thought "how the world works" (religiously speaking as well as the secular), the non-nurturing, lack of real humility, the Ego boosting, lack of understanding the core the oneness of all living creatures here on earth, being stuck in the 5 sensed limited world of thinking etc, etc. We have for thousands of years seen the repeating outcome of these ground values. I belive that there will come (and in fact it is already in motion) a general "female counsiousness" in people all around the world with the result of a personal need to balance up/taking back/lifting up the opposite values we once have so cherrished and valued. Well, I could go on but I am sure you get what I'm trying to say here. A major shift in values with more balanced aproach, simply put. In this kind of "new" way of living women in all sections of life (even historically speaking) will be brought up to the surface. Yes, in books too You have to admit....it IS unbelievable that 50% of the human race has about as much place in the history books as less than 1%! Now that is JUST books, mind you Anyway, enough said about that. Salve!
  5. Vesta

    Vestal Virgins

    Thank you, N. I find it rather frustrating that so little has been written about this interesting and so outstanding topic (especially being right in the middle of such a patriarchal world!). One might point out the fact that so little is known and thus...less books. Sure, but that will not suffice as a proper answer (to me) since there are books written all around the world about topics with equally little evidence or archeological base. With the risk of sounding bitter, without actually being it, I really think it has to do with men writing, men doing the research etc, etc. Still in this day and age. But....I really hope this will change. How can it not?! I will be on the search onwards anyway
  6. Vesta

    Vestal Virgins

    Hello friends. Just wanted to thank you on this interesting subject and discussion. I was going to post a question about if any of you had a tip on a good factual book on the subject of Vestals. And then I stumbled on this posting. I, on the other hand, am wanting to write any novel or anything alike. I'm just very curious about it all, historically speaking. I'm also new on this forum so...this is my first post in which I'd like to salute you all Vale Bene!