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  1. Hi Alexandros Welcome to the site. I took over the site towards the end of last year and am currently re-designing, re-organising it etc which is why some pages are in the old format and some are in the new.. With over 1,500 pages to change it's proving quite a time consuming task to do it all in my spare time, so it's a bit of a work-in-progress at the moment but i'm slowly making progress. I'm aware of some broken links, particularly in the book review section (which is one day going to be re-done to make it easier to search). I was going to try and get all the pages into the new format first but as it's taking a bit longer than expected i might go back and fix the links in the existing pages before building new pages. Glad to hear that you're enjoying the site. Peter
  2. Hello Everyone As many of you will probably have read by now, either on the the Forum or through the newsletter, ownership and running of the site has now passed to me. Just to introduce myself, my name is Peter Kay (for those of you aware of an English comedian with the same name...it's not him. Sorry to disappoint). I work as a website manager for a company and have a big interest in history, particularly the ancient Roman period. My aim is to build upon the hard work done by Viggen over the last 14 years and to build UNRV into an even bigger resource and online community. As you might have noticed, we now have a new home page (you may need to clear your browsing history and then refresh the page if it's not displaying properly). It's not 100% the final version, as things like the top menu navigation will change, and the "Gladiators" box will change to "Entertainment" in the future, but a large amount of my time is going towards getting 14 years' worth of content into the new format and into categories, so more will go on the home page eventually, but at least the new home page design is up and online. I know the Forum is at the heart of the site, and the last thing i want to do is create a website which has lots of pages but no interaction, so i'm hoping the Forum can be expanded and developed to get more conversations flowing. If anyone has any questions, ideas for new content, or simply to say hi, please either post on the forum or if it's something you'd like to discuss privately please send an e-mail to admin@unrv.com It does feel like quite a challenge taking on a site with such a large amount of content and so many visitors, so please bear with me during this transition period whilst I get to grips with the site. If you can read this then at least i've worked out how to successfully write a post for the Forum! Finally, unlike many transfers of power in Ancient Rome, this one was peaceful and Viggen is thankfully still with us... unless he causes trouble and the Praetorian Guards need to be called I'm sure you'll all agree he did a wonderful job over the last 14 years building the site into what it is today and hopefully I, with your help, can take it on to the next level. Peter