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  1. While the battles are famous the Roman and Auxillia troops didn't just fight in huge, set piece battles. They also patrolled in small numbers, manned the limes and stood town guard. The troops obviously had to fight well in small groups and on bad ground. It should be noted that town troops patrolled 'half armed' without scutum and pilum
  2. James Lawrie

    Gladiatrix - source?

    I've read a source before on a gladiatrix where a Roman bemoans the thick padding because he can't see their legs. Does anyone know what source this is?
  3. James Lawrie

    What Made Caligula Crazy?

    It's my view that Caligula was murdered and defamed in a senatorial reaction. You may have been emperor but you couldn't thumb your nose at the senate and expect to live. Nero seems to have fallen the same way and suffered the same blackening of the reputation. Oddly enough both are mentioned in Seutonius 'The Twelve Caesars' (Graves) as having 'ignored the senate' or words to those effects. A note about Calligula's horse. In the above Seutonius 'The Twelve Caesars' it states that it wasn't his horse but his favourite horse in one of the famous racing factions and that he had said 'that horse would make a better consul' The section also has a lot of things listed that Calligula was said to have thought, making one suspect that it was retrospective excuse-making for a deposition
  4. James Lawrie

    Seutonius - Galba

    What are the best sources apart from Seutonius for this event?
  5. James Lawrie

    Seutonius - Galba

    Just reading the Graves 'Seutonius' for the first time since uni. Is his 'Galba' section a white-washed account of a successful revolt against Nero?
  6. James Lawrie

    Infames: Social Acceptance?

    Thank you very much, that makes it very clear
  7. James Lawrie

    Infames: Social Acceptance?

    Regarding the early Augustan period in Rome; Would an infames be permitted to be a client? Would it reflect poorly on the patrone? Would the patrone be necessarily of low status himself?