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  1. Hello all- I recently created a (free) online resource to help those visiting Rome (and anyone interested in things Roman) gain a clear sense of the connections between Rome's monuments and Roman history. The resource is "A History of Rome in Fifteen Buildings," hosted on my website toldinstone.com: https://toldinstone.com/rome/ The "History of Rome in Fifteen Buildings" combines podcasts (also available as Youtube videos), short stories, and photo essays to tell the story of the Eternal City. The first ten buildings, which range in date from the foundation of Rome to the fall of the Western Roman Empire, will probably be most interesting to readers of this site. I also developed a walking tour of the Roman Forum in the Age of Augustus to explore the Forum's connections with the careers of Julius Caesar and Augustus: https://toldinstone.com/the-roman-forum-in-the-age-of-augustus/ I hope these will be interesting/useful. Feel free to contact me (either by replying here or by email) if you have any comments or suggestions. Vale, Dr. Garrett Ryan
  2. Hello all- I've been fascinated by ancient history since childhood, and eventually translated that passion into a career, earning my doctorate in Greek and Roman History and teaching (mostly Roman) history to listless undergraduates. I recently transitioned from academia to public history, and began developing toldinstone.com, a website that explores ancient history through buildings and monuments. Hopefully, I'll be able share material from that site (and whatever other insights I might have) with the UNRV community. Garrett