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    The Biblical Galatians

    Agreed. Way back, including collapsed walls at a time period consistent with the biblical story. Like so much of the biblical canon I consider the story as much myth as fact, but many biblical tales appear to be based in history that is occasionally verified. As most is pre-Roman I won't go into any of it here, but the old testament certainly has a lot of facts on its side right down to the order of creation coinciding with the order of evolution and the early Earth being "...without form, and void." I find those who seek to dismiss it to be non-objective, and those who need proof to believe it to be of little faith. Just the facts, mam, as Joe Friday used to say. Dave
  2. So thrilled to find this site! Roman history and its impact on our world has been my hobby for over half a century. I have MUCH perusing of existing threads before contributing but am looking forward to it. Bonus civis romanus sum, as I have been a moderator on the Klipsch Forums for 15 years (22,000 posts! 🙂) and long since past getting into dog fights or being suckered by trolls. I hope to learn a lot here, and perhaps contribute a wee bit. Certainly some fascinating questions I wish to pose to the learned members here. Regards, Dave