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    Good Afternoon I am trying to track down the crest / rank insignia for a Decanus or Contubernium A ten man tent commander (section commander in the present day commonwealth military) I believe - and I am only learning at this phase - is called a Decanus. I once held the rank of a section commander - ten man commander - and my name is Dean. I had once found a crest (I will see if I can dig it up) that was reportedly that of a Decanus (Legionnaire-type body with armour, roosters head, snake for a leg, holding I believe something like a Trident on a circle). the significance of my name and Mil service has not escaped me Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Good Morning. Decanus has a special connection to me as my name is Dean. I am looking into something in relation to a Decanus. As a member of the forces, and a commander of ten "men", I am researching into what the crest would look like.