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  1. Quintus, Welcome to UNRV! I think that it is wonderful that you live near Hadrian's Wall. Have you taken any photographs on your visits there? I served in the United States Army in the late 80's / early 90's and was stationed in Germany for part of my enlistment. One of the things that I enjoyed about exploring Germany was the close, almost casual connections between the Ancient and the Modern. Over here in the States, we don't see that nearly as much.
  2. Avete amicis, I earned a B.A. in History, focusing on the Ancient World / Classical Antiquity, with a special love of the Roman Empire. Since that degree is now also ancient history, I have lost much (one year of latin and I have "Ave, Caesar! Morituri te salutamus!" to show for it.) I am glad to have found this site and its Forum. - Bob