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  1. segant

    I need Gladiator Names for game Database

    Thanks for the info but these can be implemented in future patches. I do whole stuff alone. Now i need lots of gladiator names.
  2. segant

    I need Gladiator Names for game Database

    I don't expect 500 names at once. But if you could send 3-4 names even it is in database i can check and add it. I just need help from educated or wonderer people like you.
  3. I'm electrical&electronics engineer who dedicated his life to simulations. I'm currenlty making a game about Gladiators and lack much informations about them. I could found some names here but i need more at least 500 names. My game playstore link is here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SimulationisEvolution.Arena I'm programming and draw all things except animations and sounds. Please help me to add more names. I need your help. These are gladiator names that i could found in movies ,series or internet. I need lots of names and will appreciate if you can help.