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  1. Bob, Thank you, I haven't actually taken any photographs previously but I have a new camera and plans to get out to the wall over the summer months. I also plan on getting into the many Roman museums we have in the area. We are lucky in that respect. Many of the main roads in Britain still vaguely follow the old Roman roads particularly in Northumberland, many of them are ruler straight. as well as the architecture we have history's influence on place names. Being so far north we are lucky that a lot of the areas are undeveloped so original sites are still available to visit.
  2. Hello all, I never studied history beyond A-level but I have always been fascinated by the Romans. I am lucky enough to live very close to Hadrians Wall. I have an interest in the wall itself as well as everything else the Romans left behind in Britain.
  3. Hello all, First of all apologies if this question has already been answered elsewhere. I understand that it was unlikely that a soldier would be recruited to serve in his own province once conquered due to the risk of rebellion. My question is this though if one of the southern english tribes such as the Durotriges were conquered could they then be recruited as auxillaries to man garrisons further north in Britain or were the likely to be sent to Gaul etc?