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    Heirs of Augustus

    Looking for more information relating to the succession of heirs-apparent that all died from 23-2 bc, leading to the ultimate succession of Tiberius. Marcellus, Gaius, Lucius, and then Agrippa Postumous deaths reek of conspiracy, but I hesitate to relate it solely to the ambitions of Livia and Tiberius. My feeling is that there were a succession of conspiracies, or interrelated ones against Augustus, or more specifically with a goal of returning to a Republican form of government. The succession of Tiberius leads to a succession of emperors- but I dont think that this was clear at the time. It's clear to me that Augustus and Livia wanted the princeps to continue, to create a dynasty. This is a bit of a historical rabbit hole for me so if anyone has an interest or thoughts on the subject, sources about the figures mentioned, thatd be great!