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  1. Decimus Junius Brutus

    Roman bread recipe (spelt)

    Another bread loaf
  2. Decimus Junius Brutus


    I used a Asian salty fish paste as a sub. It was really delicious. I saw the supersizers a long time ago. Loved watching them. I recomend this recipe to anyone that like a slow cook winter special.
  3. Decimus Junius Brutus


    It was delicious. Went really well with the polenta cheese bread.
  4. Decimus Junius Brutus


  5. Decimus Junius Brutus


    here is the link to the recipe and the explanation. here are a few pics of mine.
  6. Decimus Junius Brutus

    A Legionary's Life

    I haven’t tried it yet but it seems like a good idea.
  7. Decimus Junius Brutus

    Senatus Consultatum

    I know this is a very old thread but I believe in reviving. Can someone tell me the troop strength and which general/s lead the Persians during the time of Marius and Sulla?
  8. Decimus Junius Brutus

    Roman bread recipe (spelt)

    Hello all, so in the spirit of things, I went out looking for a bread recipe. Came across this https://www.romae-vitam.com/roman-bread.html so I gave it a go. It turned out nice but as the recipe states it doesn’t rise much if at all so it is quite dense, kinda like me!!! here was breakfast today. Conserva and olives. Wasn’t bad but not for people that don’t like the taste of spelt. It have a very strong flavour. Let me know now what you think.
  9. Decimus Junius Brutus

    Ancient Romans Ate Meals Most Americans Would Recognize

    From what im told by the family, many of the current traditions that Italians follow e.g Wine making, tomato sauce, bread, salami etc were all continuations from back in the old days. so it stands to reason that a lot of what was eaten back then would be familiar to us all now.
  10. Decimus Junius Brutus

    Welcome and Introduce Yourself Here

    Hello all and greetings from Sydney Australia, My name is Daniel and i am absolutely fascinated with ancient Rome. my background is Italian and my family is from Calabria. I have grown up in an atmosphere of tradition. My education first began in high school where I selected ancient history as one of my courses. Since then i have fallen in love. I have been a practitioner in martial arts from a very young age also and have been a chef as well for an occupation. why does all this matter? I plan on adapting my life to a degree so experience Roman life. I plan on cooking roman dishes, practicing Roman martial arts (if there is a way to learn) and so forth. I figured this forum is a fantastic place to begin. well here we go...........