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  1. Hey there Legate, Religions (especially Christianity) only survive if they are able to adapt to different cultural settings and are able to withstand change. This is the reason why many of the similarities that can be found when two religions are compared are emphasized in order to make it resonate more with a new series of converts. Using your example of Saint Martin of Tours, it is indeed due to the fact that his (perhaps modernized) image resembles that of the pagan war god Mars that would have made it easier for a pagan who was contemplating conversion to see a similarity between his pagan religion and Christianity. The reason why early Christians went to such lengths to "take over" certain aspects of Roman religious imagery is essentially so that Christianity would be perceived more clearly by outsiders, who as you may or may not know, had quite some difficulty understanding Christianity well into the mid 4th century A.D. Hope this at least partially answers your question. - Expeditus