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  1. I'm aware that the Roman ranks never really scaled with modern-day ranks, I basically used the term for lack of a better one really. When I said "make a comparison chart", it was strictly in the context of how the Roman Army itself evolved on its own terms: Who commanded a Legion at any given time (Legatus Legionis, Praefectus Legionis, Dux, Comes, etc.), a Cohort (Centurion, Centenarius, etc.), rather than say, "Oh, a Centurion is some strange hybrid of a Captain and a NCO at the same time due to their responsibilities". Useful for fiction, but without context, it's very misleading and wrong. However, a thought did occur to me. Would it make sense/ be logical to organize the chain of command within the Roman Legion by Command Level? (e.x Arrange Legates, Tribunes, and Prefects as "Legionary-Grade Officers"; Centurions, Options, and Signifers as "Cohort-Grade Officers", and so forth as you get down to the smaller levels like Vexillations and such? I guess the reason I began this topic in the first place was because I wanted some more information on the difference between the "New Model Legions" Diocletian and Constantine made, versus the Old Model Legions of the Late Empire, since I find many referencing talking about the two, and wanted to compare them both with the Principate Era Legion... hence wanting to make that Evolution chart. Apologies if this response came out rather disjointed...
  2. Recently, I've been trying to create a graph depicting the different Stages of the primary Roman Military Ranks throughout the Empire's Existence (i.e. From Augustus's Imperial Army, to the initial Severan/ Gallienus Reforms, to Diocletian and eventually Constantines Late Roman Army), tracking how the titles changed from era to era (I.e. From Centurio to Centurio Primus Ordo, to Centurio Ordinarius, to finally Ordinarius just to give a rough idea), to more easily illustrate how the Roman Army evolved. However, I am having a hard time tracking down resources about the Late Principate/ Crisis/ Dominate Era Armies to make this chart efficiently (Good thing the Principate Army's ranks are so well known you can hop-skip-and-jump from Miles to Legatus Augusti Pro Praetore and make that part of the chart blindfolded). How well known are the changes from the Principate Era ranks to their final form during the Late Empire (Along with what was called the "Old Style Ranks" that co-existed with the New Post-Constantine Ranks)?