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    Seasonal Tidings

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    When The Truth Doesn't Matter

    From the perspective of saturation politics American style, Johnson is likable and believable. Theresa May wasn't as well received in the US until she stood with Trump during his visit to UK. Common sense may prevail by default. Everyone I know loves the British people and hope to see the situation improve politically with Brexit complete.
  3. dee

    When The Truth Doesn't Matter

    Is the Hildebeast actually commenting on UK releasing reports of Russian Collusion? 🙀 Such theater, the jackasses on Capitol Hill are severely orchestrating a verbal rancid skin disease. One worm crawls into one hole...starting tomorrow. They will talk about whether they should um keep talking about it. Johnson just might pull it off, he has a convincing manner. Try mind control on the mini thugs. Dīs
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    My collection of Roman Artifacts!

    Did the Romans possibly fear the dead? Was there an idea of afterlife before Greek influence? Your collection is fascinating I enjoyed seeing those items can't imagine how much you love keeping them. Would you happen to know if Romans ever purposely broke figures as ritual offerings?
  5. dee

    My collection of Roman Artifacts!

    Hello and thank you! With no clear opinion about the Roman belief in an afterlife; what would be the motivation for Roman citizens to keep figurines and perform rituals for deceased family members?
  6. Greetings, it will be great having access to the forum. Looking to learn. Thanks Very Much! dee