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  1. What a fascinating article! It certainly shows how much excavation has changed and advanced over the last 70 years.
  2. k08el01

    Antoninus Pius: was he really so peaceful?

    Everything I've read seems to point to Antoninus Pius spending imperial assets on education, the arts, and public works rather than focusing on the military, preferring to simply assign generals and governors to worry about provincial uprisings. his reign is thought to be the most peaceful in the history of the empire.
  3. Welcome k08el01. Catchy name! You may want to also post to this thread. Thanks for the welcome! As for my name it's nothing more than my school id. (I plan on changing it as soon as possible, at which time I'll be sure to comment on the name thread.)
  4. k08el01

    428 AD

    interesting premise, I may have to look into it
  5. The great state of Michigan
  6. What about modern day gymnasiums (weight rooms, treadmills, machines, the whole deal)? or sporting events for that matter...
  7. k08el01

    Tuft's Perseus layout - Truly obnoxious

    I use it as a resource, or way to find them, constantly. In fact, I have a few tabs open now for a paper I'm currently writing. That being said, I've got to agree that the website could use a face lift.
  8. k08el01

    The Eagle (Movie)

    Wow, it's been so long since I read any of Sutcliff's books, but I remember them being great when I was in grade school. Looks like its time for a quick re-read before this comes out.
  9. k08el01

    What's the last book you read?

    I'm currently skipping between Kyle's Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient World, and Wickham's Inheritance of Rome (along with all of my school reading)
  10. k08el01

    What's the last Roman site you visited?

    Caesaria and Beit She'an in Israel back in 2007