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    Photoreal Pantheon Project

    Thank you. I would really like to make it a team effort.
  2. NiGMa46

    Photoreal Pantheon Project

    Some details are known about colours, but its still early days for that research field. See here: https://buntegoetter.liebieghaus.de/en/
  3. NiGMa46

    Photoreal Pantheon Project

    Some work in progress renders
  4. We are building a photoreal quality Pantheon that seeks to be historically accurate but also enjoyable to explore for those interested. Looking for people that want to help out with the project and also people that would like to experience the building through modern virtual reality headsets and other options (like a full walking simulator). I am aware of other projects but this one is attempting to build what people want. A general model has been built, but it is currently not 100% complete and lacks textures. I recently rendered some 360 degree panoramas, which can be viewed here: https://roundme.com/tour/666920/edit/2113151 What do you think would be of value for this project, some of my ideas are: -Interactive simulation, e.g. change the sun position, experiment with the Pantheon as a sundial idea -Time travel mode, where you can experience the Pantheon how it looked at various times in history. -Interactive comment system where the public/academics can suggest improvements or historical inaccuracies Looking forward to feedback and suggestions.