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    Ancient History Magazine (Preview)

    Looks great! Really looking forward to this series. Fantastic initiative.
  2. Great! Thanks for the info. Will surely pre-order my copy.
  3. Hello fellow Romans some time ago it seemed that a new edition (or at least reprint) of Peter Connolly's "Greece and Rome at War" was to be expected late 2011/early 2012 (with a foreword by Adrian Goldsworthy) - at least according to Amazon. This does not seem to be the case any longer. Does anyone have an update on this??
  4. Siculus

    The Landmark Series

    I have Herodotus and Arrian. This series is extremely well researched and has a very appealing lay-out, extensive but concise foot notes, special commissioned geographical maps, and I could just go on and on praising this marvellous series. The series has now its own homepage (including sample pages) at www.thelandmarkancienthistories.com and there is an interesting talk about the concept and ideas behind the series by its founder Robert Strassler here: