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  1. Geek Amicus

    Tacitus Quote

    My only brilliance was in asking smart people.
  2. Geek Amicus

    Tacitus Quote

    So, the verdict is in -- I'm brilliant. He was impressed that I have connections with such intelligent and well read people. I "may need a collaboration credit". Thanks again.
  3. Geek Amicus

    Tacitus Quote

    THANK YOU! Most quote attributions I can get by googling, but this one just wasn't working, I assume because of the differences in translation. I appreciate your effort.
  4. Geek Amicus

    Tacitus Quote

    In my spare time, I type for a political science author. I am finishing up his latest manuscript and he has a quote from Tacitus that needs a cite. I can't find it any where. (The quote is all over the place, but it doesn't ascribe any source.) Does anyone know in which of Tacitus' works the following can be found? The lust for power, for dominating others, inflames the heart more than any other passion. You are all the smartest people I know of. Any help you can give me will help me earn my keep and will be much appreciated. Thank you.
  5. Geek Amicus

    Significance of Avatar/ Profile Name

    I am Geekamicus because I worked for many years in law firms where an amicus curi
  6. Geek Amicus


    Really? I was thinking that was the case. I love all the super geniuses here. Thanks for being such a great resource. -geek
  7. Geek Amicus


    So, I know they had wine and I'm assuming they had beer, but what did the Romans have for harder stuff? Every Roman era novel has them drinking various types of wine, but did they have an equivalent to whiskey or vodka? If so what? Thanks (I told you I was into the little every day details.) -geek
  8. Geek Amicus

    How to pronounce Roman names

    Funny, the gentleman makes me think I'm listening to the Pope.
  9. Geek Amicus

    Your Hidden Roman Name

  10. Geek Amicus

    Your Hidden Roman Name

    This is really fun. Can you do mine? mameonrciiok or if that's too long (it is in English, but it's what I got stuck with) try mnikoco I'm female. Thanks.
  11. Geek Amicus

    Movies set in ancient Rome (Complete List)

    TV: Engineering an Empire (various episodes) Roman Vice Doctor Who: "The Romans" 1965, "The Slave Traders" 1965, "The Fires of Pompeii" 2008, "The Pandorica Opens" 2010 Star Trek: "Bread and Circuses" 1968 Xena: Warrior Princess "When Fates Collide" 2001 (Well, if we're allowing Asterix and Obelix...) When Rome Ruled 2010 Barbarians 2008 Masada 1981 The Last Days of Pompeii 1984 Movies: Titus 1999 Hannibal 1959 Attila 1954 Sign of the Pagan 1954 (Jack Palance as Attila)
  12. Geek Amicus

    Spectacle in the Roman World

    I'd love to be entered too.
  13. Geek Amicus

    Where did Titus Live?

    Thank you very much. I appreciate it.
  14. Geek Amicus

    Where did Titus Live?

    So, I know that Nero didn't embrace the word "humble" in reference to his abode and Vespasian made a move show that he was more for the people. But since he plowed down the Domus Aurea, he must have had a palace somewhere else. I am assuming (yes, I know what that entails) that Titus lived in the same place. Anyone know approximately where that would have been? I'm looking for physical location. If anyone has any description or any distinguishing features of the building itself, that would also be appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Geek Amicus

    Io Saturnalia

    I personally celebrate Christmas (which so doing caused this to be late), but I wanted to wish you all a (belated) mid-winter festival of your choice. -Geek