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    Island of Kauai, Hawaii
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    Music, playing guitar, Heavy Metal, beer, the beach, driving fast, ancient history (duh), being outside, camping, hiking, stand up comedy, South Park, coffee, food, sleep, and living a worry-free peaceful existence.

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I'm pretty unconventional but I make it work. I'm the kind of person who does things even when people tell me it can't, or shouldn't be done. The end result being that I'm debt free and actually own everything I have. I don't believe that there's anything that can't be done. I went from being a pizza delivery guy with no marketable skills to writing my own ticket. Looking back I'm glad I didn't go to school and rack up all that debt. LOL One can become just as educated through self education. All that piece of paper is good for is getting a job, and in todays economy, good luck getting a job. Nothing beats being self employed... :)