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  1. Will this site eventually have information about other cultures such as ancient Greece?
  2. Leave your comments or questions here about the punic wars.
  3. RomanLegion

    Rate our content!

    this site is very helpful to me. I'd reccomend it to all my friends.
  4. RomanLegion

    Roman Military

    Enemies like Carthage and their military units. Any enemies of ancient Rome and their military is what I'd like to know
  5. RomanLegion

    Roman Video Game

    Thank you, that is what I need, saomeone who knows a lot about the history of rome.
  6. For info on battle formations of rome go to http://library.thinkquest.org/21665/report...ts/legform.html
  7. Is this site just about Rome or other cultures too?
  8. RomanLegion

    Roman Military

    Know anything about the Roman's enemy's military units?
  9. RomanLegion

    Roman Military

    Well the legionaires, centurion, signum.
  10. RomanLegion

    Roman Video Game

    Its like empire earth, medival total war, and gladiator. I have some cool ideas. Please help me out, I already have a lot of my friends helping me.
  11. RomanLegion

    Roman Video Game

    I'm designing a strategy game for ancient rome. Anyone want to help? Got any ideas?
  12. Can you name all of the ancient roman military units for me plz?