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  1. Publius Minius Mercator

    Event Announcement

    another great Nova Roma event! www.novaroma.org
  2. Publius Minius Mercator

    A Roman Empire Today..

    Personally I believe Romanising an entire country or region won't happen. Thinking that is just unrealistic and quite franckly a bit crazy (no offence to the poster though ) But I do think that building a community based on Roman culture and the Roman way of life is possible... Look at Archeon in Holland, an archeopark which recreates an entire Roman town! archeon Such a thing could be realised by a private community... (such as nova roma,...) Publius Minius Mercator
  3. Publius Minius Mercator


    more information about starting with Roman reenactment can be found at nova roma as well as several reenactment groups... Publius Minius Mercator PS: the link I've added brings you directly to the reenactment section. NR homepage is www.novaroma.org
  4. Publius Minius Mercator

    Nova Roma

    I sure will stay UNRV is very interesting! PS: I personally see Nova Roma as a great way to learn everything there is to learn about Roman life. Not by reading about it in books (which can of course be very interesting) but by living it! That is why I joined Nova Roma.... also NR organises all sorts of activities: e.g. excursions such as the one our provincia Dacia has held: http://www.dacia-novaroma.org/ulpia/pictures
  5. Publius Minius Mercator

    Nova Roma

    I sure will stay UNRV is very interesting!
  6. Publius Minius Mercator

    Nova Roma

    Well the first purpose of NR is not to be a pagan organisation but to recreate/reenact a Roman state. So whether a lot of people are pagan or not isn't really an issue... The Religio is important because it was an important part of Roman life (even if most Romans didn't believe in the gods anymore in the imperial period, rituals were still very important...) but the Religio is only one of the many aspects of the Romanitas...
  7. Publius Minius Mercator

    Nova Roma

  8. Publius Minius Mercator

    Nova Roma

    If I may ask, why did you leave NR?
  9. Publius Minius Mercator

    Nova Roma

    Thanks for your explanation! Btw, how can you join Roma Victor? they said it would be online beginning 2005??
  10. Publius Minius Mercator

    Nova Roma

    Salvete omnes, I'm new to this forum and I was wondering if anyone of you were nova romans? I just joined NR so I'm looking forward to 'meeting' other nova romans! vale Publius Minius Mercator PS:what does UNRV stand for and is this a site made by volunteers? PPS: new test forum for nova romans and Roman-empire buffs: http://www.takeforum.com/forum/?mforum=novaroma