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  1. Jhm718

    WIN!!! Legio17: Roman Legion at War

    I am in! Hi Legio17, thanks for a great competition. Do you have a favourite author of novels set in roman times?
  2. Jhm718

    Guess the ancient city!

    Yes! Auris was right (and you)
  3. Jhm718

    Guess the ancient city!

    Yeah, well. Maybe it's better to give us a historical clue. Let's do some elimination, then. Since only two members posted guesses, you could have appointed one of the two. One of the two posted one answer, but you didn't point him out. Therefore I rule him out. The other one (me) posted two answers and just one of those is a city. So it must be Pergamon. Auris ...fair enough, here two historical clues; ...something happend there to Mithridates ...the city was devastated by the Huns in ca AD 370
  4. Jhm718

    Guess the ancient city!

    One of the last three replies is correct, but which one?
  5. Jhm718

    Guess the ancient city!

    This site is even further north than Antioch.
  6. Jhm718

    Guess the ancient city!

    No, not in Syria. A clue, it is further north.
  7. Jhm718

    Guess the ancient city!

    Jumping the queue. Anyone guesses this image?
  8. Jhm718

    Lingua Latina

    Old message In literal English: Rome will live forever. The language of Rome will also live forever. Let us speak in the language of the Romans. If you are able to read these letters, you ought to write. Long live Rome. New Message In Lingua Latinia: Librum meum completum verbis Latinis Anglicisque utar, nam discerno translationem requiri. In literal English: I will use my book filled with Latin and English words, for I discern a translation to be required. In real English: I'll use my dictionary to provide the subtitles. Also, pointing out any mistakes in my not quite perfected Latin would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Jhm718

    Lingua Latina

    Roma semper vivet. Etiam lingua Romae semper vivet. Dicamus in lingua Romanorum. Si legere has litteras potestis, scribere debestis. Vive longe Roma!