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    What would UNRV reviewing? Fansites, infosites, RV, Guildsites?
  2. reb_control

    Where Would You Like To Live?

    America or Holland.
  3. reb_control

    IGN, GameSpy to merge

    Kindof funny for me, the day i decide to check out gamespy, is the day the artical went headline... I don't use gamespy's program, but like to read planet fargo articals (very funny). They said that they will keep there names, but it will be the same company.
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    Welcome to the Support Forum

    Ahhh... need to adjust that.
  5. cockles? Meaning chickens right? All these thing the rome did makes you wonder how man let it-self go into the dark ages.
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    Welcome to the Support Forum

    Man, you deleted my glorious posts.
  7. How did this man get into office in the first place? Roman Emporers seem to have a bad taste for picking their successors.
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    Archaeology turns to superconductivity

    Why? They couldn't use that other method carbondating or whatever its called?
  9. reb_control

    Archaeology turns to superconductivity

    To bad its just for lead, because manythings don't have lead. I suppose that they could date for example a house or boat if a nail or something with lead was directly related to it (example a nail in the hull of a boat).
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    News Page Links

    Looks like they felt suited to change it back to unrv.mmoworlds.com so you might want to change it although the rv.mmoworld.com (current one) say it under construction. You go check out what they are planning to do so you can get these link right.
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    Rate our content!

    Yea, now i don't even have to research as much. The older the site gets the more info i get.
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    Oh, ok. Don't got much here (Poland) in english(books, tv), never mind roman stuff, but i'll be looking out for stuff.
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    News Page Links

    Uh... not to do with those links, but the link to the fansite is wrong. It directs you to http://unrv.mmoworlds.com/, but the real site is http://rv.mmoworlds.com/. I think they changed the site on you guys.
  14. Oh... hello and hello and hello. Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED (but lost everything from before) UNRV.
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    Gladiator glass find in Northampton

    What kind of people you think lived there? Ex-soliders, governers, vacation spot for the rich (england:?)?
  16. reb_control

    Time Zones

    Not that anybody else cares, but Warsaw is in the wrong timezone. It is suppose to be in +1GTM not +2GTM. If that is off, than other Major cities might be off also. Nothing important.
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    BTW, nice to know you add a calender. I wanted to suggest two things. One, instead of having "1 Birthday(s)" thing, I suggest you have the names directly their with a link to their profile and have multible under the first. If their is more then there is space on that day then add "more..." if it ever comes up to that many people on the same day. This would make it easier for a person to look up member's birthdays. Also important events (such as the opening of UNRV's new site, important RV dates, ect.) would be useful. Second, you might want to add this when there is more people, but on the main page you could put a Member B's of the Month or something like that. Not on calenders but i'd suggest three newest post on main page. This is of couse more useful when UNRV gets alive again.
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    Well than, good job with modifing and make buttons.
  19. reb_control

    Riddle of Colossal flooding solved?

    That enginer sure does got a crappy name.
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    What i ment by "1 Birthday(s)" thing is when you open up the calender to a month with a birthday in it (I used november, my birthday), you will see that it actually says "1 Birthday(s)" in the box with a birthday in it. What i was suggesting is that you could put the member(s) name(s) instead of it giving a link. Example: November 2003 _____________________ 28 Birthday's - reb_control (16) If their is more than one, it would look kind of like this: Month Year (on the top of page) ______________________ Date Birthday's - Member1 (age) - Member2 (age) - Member3 (age) - Member4 (age) - more... You can also put important events on it such as: ______________________ Date Birthday's - none Events - RV open beta starts (link to beta application useful) - UNRV newer site opens (link to home page) - more... Do I make any sense?
  21. My dumb self just figured what unrv.mmorpg.com was. :bag:
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    Where did you get them from? :notworthy:
  23. Oh , so what's the point of the MMORPGforum thingy?
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    :stupid: Awsome collection.
  25. Hello, Very Nice website and the color choices. This is much more enjoyable atmoshpere than the "fun" forum. From what I read, this is only historical webpage, correct? So no offtopic website sections? I congradulate Moonlapse, Viggen, PP, and others that made beautiful site.