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  1. Corax

    Index to ancient writings?

    Good find: I've not seen that before, despite several years of online searching. Thank you for this very useful index. I have added it to my favourites!
  2. Corax

    New Ancient Roman Music Album Released

    Thank you for the info. What lovely music! I particularly liked the House of the Dolphin and Orpheus meets Eurydice. Is is possible to buy the album as a CD or is it only available as a download? Thanks.
  3. Corax

    Roman Audio Books

    Not sure if you are looking for fiction or non-fiction. I am stuck with a long commute and so treated myself to Suetonius - Lives of the Twelve Caesars. It consists of 6 CDs and is produced by Naxos. I got mine through Amazon. The only thing I found is that some of the things they got up to were so awful it rather took my concentration off the driving! I think that you can get some of the Falco novels as audio books, if that is any help. Good luck in your travels.
  4. Corax

    Things to see on Hadrian's wall

    Excellent! I hope to try to track down some of these next month, or failing that, later in the year. Am very grateful for the details as some Roman remains can be hard to find. This is from someone who spend a Saturday evening (dusk) in down town Cologne looking for the appropriately named Ubi monument! Many thanks! Thank you, Ghost, for your suggestions of things to see on the Wall. Am just back from there and managed to see the Corbridge bridge footings, the bridge footings at Willowford and best of all, the ones at Chesters. What a brilliant and peaceful spot! At the time Chesters itself was not open so it was good to see the bath houses from across the river without anyone being there. By chance I managed to be at Housesteads on Friday before the official opening of the new museum. You probably know that there was a special opening for volunteers and guides etc but they let me have a look round the museum. Definitely worth a visit in its revamped form and there seemed to me to be more finds on show than previously. Also had an unexpected trip to Segedunum and saw the reproduction bath houses based on Chesters. So, thank you again for your suggestions and the others will be useful for my return trip - I hope - in June.
  5. Corax

    Things to see on Hadrian's wall

    Excellent! I hope to try to track down some of these next month, or failing that, later in the year. Am very grateful for the details as some Roman remains can be hard to find. This is from someone who spend a Saturday evening (dusk) in down town Cologne looking for the appropriately named Ubi monument! Many thanks!
  6. Corax

    Things to see on Hadrian's wall

    Thank you very much, Ghost, for those additional ideas. Last summer I did visit Brunton Turret and part of the Steel Rigg walk and I hope to pursuade my friend to go back to that bit of the wall - weather permitting. But thanks for reminding me about the bridge footings as I have only ever seen them from the bath house at Chesters. I have only been to the Birdoswald part once and it sounds as though there is much more to been seen there too. Can I pick your brain again to explain how to reach the bridge footings in Corbridge as that is where we will be staying? Will definitely put Tullie House on my list too as it is good to have something indoors to do in case the weather is dire! Many thanks!
  7. Corax

    Things to see on Hadrian's wall

    I am planning to have few days "on the Wall" on my way back south at the end of March and wondered if anyone could suggest some new things to see. On past occasions I have been to Chesters, Great Chesters, Vindolanda, Birdoswald, Carrawburgh, Housesteads, Corbridge, the Roman Army museum, and the Great North Museum in Newcastle. I shall be based at Corbridge and wondered if anyone could suggest some new Roman-related spots to visit. I think Arbeia is closed at that time. Possibly Carlisle?? Any ideas would be gratefully received! Thanks.
  8. Corax

    What's the last book you read?

    I read FIRE FROM HEAVEN, THE PERSIAN BOY, and THE KING MUST DIE by Renault. They were all good and I've listed them in order of my preference. Also, anyone considering Steven Saylor might want to start with his first book ROMAN BLOOD. I love his writing and have read a about six of his novels. I've read Scarrow too, but I lean toward Saylor more. For those who like the 5th century like me there's THE SWORD OF ATTILA by Michael Curtis Ford and THE SCOURGE OF GOD by William Dietrich. Cinzia Thanks for your recommendation - I'll look for those other books by Mary Renault The Persian Boy is good - the writng is so evocative and there hasn't been a page of the book where I've felt like skimming over to the next page We picked up a Steven Saylor book in an everything for $5 bookshop before Christmas but I haven't started it yet - Empire I didnt enjoy Mary Renault's books but theSword of Attila looks likes interesting and so does Gods and Legions(Julian is one of my most favourite Romans.) and I must find out where my copy of The Eagle in the Snow is. It is time for a re-read. Thank you for recommending Gods and Legions. Julian is one of my favourite Romans too. Have read the Last Pagan about him and also the Gore Vidal one called Julian. Both brilliant. So have added Gods and Legions to my wish list. At present I am reading Imperium by Harris - about Cicero and am enjoying it. And have just finished Apuleius' Golden Ass which is just weird - but strangely enjoyable!
  9. Corax

    Poster of Roman gods

    Thank you all for your very useful suggestions. I must admit I had not even thought to look for
  10. Corax

    Poster of Roman gods

    Thank you both for your very kind suggestions. I did find something like the
  11. Corax

    Poster of Roman gods

    A high def picture would be fine so long as it had all the 12 Olympians and a bit about them all..! I thought you could buy ANYTHING on the internet..but obviously not....!
  12. Corax

    Poster of Roman gods

    I am not sure if this is the right spot for this posting but I sure some kind person will move it if it should be somewhere else! Help please! I am trying to find a poster of the Roman gods - the sort of thing to stick on a wall to accompany a talk about them. I have tried all the usual places like e bay and Amazon and the only things I can find are aimed at young school children. The kind of thing I am looking for is a list of the Olympians with details of their attributes, with possibly info about other notable deities. Has anyone any ideas as I have already spent hours on the pc looking for something suitable!! Many thanks in advance..
  13. I want the Roma Victrix Beaker +UNRV http://bit.ly/romavictrix
  14. Thanks for the link. There is some interesting info in Fingrut
  15. Corax

    Any idea for Turkey

    Ideas for Turkey I am lucky enough just to have come back from there. I agree that Ephesus is a must, but it can be very hot and crowded. But it is worth it to see the Library of Celsus. We were told that the cruise people usually visit in the morning, so we went in the afternoon which was a bit hotter but less crowded. I would definitely recommend Ephesus Museum. It is not very big but the items they have are outstanding: two superb statues of the goddess Diana; a beautiful statue of Apollo plus a frieze from the Temple of Hadrian, for starters. I have been there twice and would willingly go back! I also agree that Pergamon and the Asklepion are worth including. They are several miles apart. Pergamon is at the top of a hill and is now accessible by a type of ski lift. This takes you as far as the souvenir shops and there is bit more walking (uphill) from there. A lot of the large finds from Pergamon are in Berlin, but for me it was worthwhile to see the Temple of Trajan and the site of the altar of Zeus and see where the library used to be. For me, the Asklepion is probably one of my favourite sites. It has a small theatre, a sacred way and an underground tunnel which takes you to the site of the treatment rooms. There are also some interesting inscriptions which are (I think) dedicated to some of the doctors who used to work there. Apparently healing was done through dreams and there are still meetings of modern psychologists held there. If you are in Istanbul do try to visit the Archaeological Museum. It is in the grounds of the Topkapi Palace. There is some outstanding Greek and Roman sculpture of emperors and gods. My favourites were the head of Alexander the Great, a lovely Apollo and a beautiful plaque of Asklepius and Hygieia feeding the sacred snakes. There is also the Hippodrome, famous for chariot races. At one end is the Serpent