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    Hbo Rome and... BBC too

    if i recall, cato wore a black toga to stand out amongst the other senators, and probably to attract attention. he was a strict, unbribable traditionalist who sought to differentiate himself from his often corrupted contemporaries, and the black toga was one way he did this. i think he also refused to wear a shirt under his toga according the wisdom of the ancestors. if i am wrong, someone please correct me. also, wasn't cicero older than potrayed in the show?
  2. psychonin

    Hbo Rome and... BBC too

    i have a question: whose men exactly stole the eagle? were they hired by caesar or were they really pompey's men? it's obvious caesar wanted to start a civil war where pompey would make the first move but were the events entirely orchestrated by him or did pompey just give him a lucky break by stealing his eagle? thanks for your time!