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  1. AntoniaR.

    Resisting Slavery:

    Thanks to all to help me on this quetion, you guys provided me with so much info.could not have done without you. thank you again.
  2. AntoniaR.

    Resisting Slavery:

    on a review sheet i was working on I was having some trouble with these 2 questions. from the information i know so far, i know that Their role was to provide labour, or to add to their owners' social standing as visible symbols of wealth, or both. Some slaves were treated well, but there were few restraints on their owners' powers, and physical punishment and sexual abuse were common. Owners thought of their slaves as enemies. By definition slavery was a brutal, violent and dehumanising institution, where slaves were seen as akin to animals. but that information is kind of hard to understand. is there any way some one could help me by giving me another answer, or help explain the answer I found? Thanks for all your help! 1.) What was the role of a slave in ancient Rome? What rights did they have? 2.) What percentage of the population in Rome were slaves?
  3. AntoniaR.

    Downfall of Rome

    In my History class we are starting to learn about the Roman Empire. I knew alot of information because i have been taking Latin as my laungage. There is one question that is still don't get. what contributed to the downfall of Rome? is there on answer or many?
  4. hi guys new to this website, so just going to check it out!