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  1. Legatus Legionis

    Why Do You Like Rome?

    I was taking high school Latin class and discovered that I have absolutely no talent for language. So to keep my grade up i decided to take a look at the history of the people that spoke the language and became obsessed with Rome. I found the level of cultural, governmental, and technological advancement fascinating.
  2. Legatus Legionis

    Birthplace Of Octavian?

    Many times online the birthplace of Augustus is listed as either the Palantine hill or Velitrae. I seems to be no way to know for sure but at least the Palantine theory is supported by Suetonius. So what is the support for the Velitrae origin theory aside from the fact that his father derived from there?
  3. I was reading in Gibbon that when Constantine founded his new capital that he dignified the city council with the title of senate. Did this senate hold any form of authority outside the city? Did they contribute at all to the governing of the provinces? Did this senate appoint any consuls?
  4. Legatus Legionis

    St. Valentine

    I was watching the Daily Show with John Stewart and they made a reference to the martyrdom of St Valentine. I was a little curious about this and searched it on Google. Most of the results say that the Emperor Claudius the Cruel banned marriage to increase his supply of soldiers. St. Valentine continued to marry couples until the emperor had him executed. I find this odd. First of all Gibbon and Cary and Scullard, the authors i have read, both think rather highly of this emperor, something I would doubt for a man who banned marriage. Secondly was Christianity wide spread enough in Rome to hurt the supply of troops. I
  5. Legatus Legionis

    Who Is Your Favorite

    I like the Emperor Pertinax. Especially Gibbon thinks him a great Emperor. Also I like Tiberius Gracchus's father. His campaigns in Spain were one of the few times that that country was treated fairly. After his fathers death Spaniards still revered his name. So much so that Tiberius Gracchus concluded a piece with Numantia during Macinus
  6. Legatus Legionis

    Reforming The Republic

    I think that the army, even before Marius, was just as dependant on their general for their pay at the end of a successful campaign. The loyalty to generals as we all know caused the problems in the civil wars. The creation of a actual professional army loyal to the state and paid for by the state may have helped. Also stem the corruption of the provincial governors *cough* Gaius Verres. The provinces were seen more as a way for individuals to turn a profit than a way to extract valuable resources. Set up an internal affairs type bureau to monitor governor
  7. Legatus Legionis

    Republic, Principate, Or Dominate

    I voted Republic even though I fell like the Principate was a better-run government. The provinces were treated better, the quality of generals and the soldiers was greater, and the infrastructure of the empire expanded. However I can
  8. Legatus Legionis

    Roman Provinces

    The provinces along the Rhine-Danube frontier were some of the most important. There were a number of emperors who were placed on the imperial throne by the legions of this region. Not to mention that this was the largest concentration of imperial forces and after the invasions of the mid-3 century was the most prominent recruiting ground.
  9. Legatus Legionis

    I Need A Book Suggestion

    Will some one tell me the name of a book that details the impacts of christianity on the Roman Empire.
  10. Legatus Legionis


    Yeah it did but i was at my high school latin convention and a firend and i were having a dispute if it was ever a real porvince. i didnt believe it wasbut he was convinced that is was.
  11. Legatus Legionis

    The Troubles Of The Second And Third Centuries Ad

    I thinks the conquest of Prathia would have been the best thing for the Empire. But the Romans had already tried and failed twice. Crassus may not have been the best general but he was still decent. Antony was supposed to be the heir to Caesar's military genius and even he failed. I think even if Parthia had been conquered it would have passed out of the Roman's hands soon afterward. Im not sure what the best answer is to the Partian question though.
  12. Legatus Legionis


    was helvetia ever a province of Rome. A website on the said it was formed in 15 BC. But is this true? I can't find a reference to it in Carry and Scullard's History of Rome.
  13. Legatus Legionis

    Help On School Essay

    Can someone tell me if the romans had much influence on british literature and more specificly Beowulf.