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  1. Although I'm not much of a Roman scholar, I hope to learn alot here about the time period the game will be taking place in, as I'm sure I will discussing things with such knowledgable people as yourselves. I know a considerable amount about Roman and ancient history, but I'm sure I don't even hold a hand to primus As for contribution, I'd like to think that I'm a fairly good researcher. Therefore, when I have nothing to contribute from my own mind, I'll try to back some conversations up with research that I regularly run across. I hope I can be of some use! It's great to be here, and I'm looking forward with discussing historical matters with all of you wonderful individuals!
  2. Faol Brigantes

    Christianity: Came from Outer Space?

    Here's a little more on it. ^ I hope that's not the same article? ^
  3. Faol Brigantes

    Extinct Language Reveals Celtic Origins

    I was reading this article the other day and was very suprised at the likenesses between Gaulish and Latin.
  4. Here's some more on the Gask project ... - The Roman Gask Project [including contact information for the research team] - Scottish forts and photographs of the Roman Gask region - PDF paper concerning Roman commercial activity in the Gask region [before R-V time era] Hope this helps!