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  1. Imperator Marzullius

    Christianity and the Fall of Rome

    Rubbish, the Roman State began declining when Augustus became Princeps. It was he, as great and necessary as he was, who opened the door for all the subsequent problems. Remember, Rome did not embrace Christianity until the 4th Century. Tiberius, Nero and Caligula were all pagans at the helm of a pagan state. If you're going to point to anyone as the harbinger of Rome's 'downfall' it would be these tyrannical jokers. 14908[/snapback] Bad imperator's are another reason why it collapsed. But when a great culture is compromised, well, then what are you left with? Garbage.
  2. Imperator Marzullius

    Bad Leadership

    I blame it on unpatriotic greedy people in the leadership of the empire. There was too many people looking after their own ends, and not enough kind hearted patriots that wanted to do good for their empire, not destroy it. Those greedy and corrupt people in positions of power should've been relieved of duty, but when the Imperator is corrupt, well, then that makes it impossible to really make change when one wrong move and you get executed. The barbarians invaded because of mainly the roman mistreatment. Personally, I would never accept non-italians as civilians. That's completely a culture killer. But, I wouldve either conquered them or wouldve made peace. But rome liked to back stab them because they didn't respect the barbarian tribes. So they thought they could. The gothic refugees weren't of roman blood, not even of italian blood. So they were treated badly by everyone.. yes.. How would you like a people that has been at war with your people for centuries and say you had a family member in the army that lost his life fighting these people. Would you accept them in open arms? Or would you rather cut their throats? It's quite an easy endeavor when you have completely no respect for someone. Christianity culturally massacred the whole system. It took a unique culture and passified it to where it wasn't even rome anymore. It turned into something else that eventually left rome to die and travelled east. That was what happened to rome after the traitor constantine betrayed his people. Resources? For the first time instead of standing by your state, people were standing by a jew that they crucified a few hundred years previously. It's quite ironic that the same people that killed jesus are the ones who are mostly desely catholic. It's funny. On a side note I hope "kelly" discontinues its idiotic schizoid messages that "i was stabbed in the back attempting to avenge caesar's murder". *sigh* There's some crazy people in here. I apologize, but i'm not trying to flame anyone, just leaving an indirect statement for a certain someone to comprehend.
  3. Imperator Marzullius

    Christianity and the Fall of Rome

    Definately! Christianity ruined Rome. It made them worship an imaginary friend instead of standing by their state. In the end, abandoning the roman gods/goddesses is what collapsed rome. They were strong when they practiced roman paganism, but declined once more christians were converted than they could feed to the lions....... It was all downhill from there.
  4. Imperator Marzullius

    Hannibal Barca

    Yeah, that's why he lost. He couldn't even siege a city, so he just wandered the countryside.
  5. Imperator Marzullius

    Counting Battles As Touchdowns

    Yes. If someone only fought one battle and won, it could be considered lucky. But if you continually defeat your enemies on the battlefield, that will show you really are a great general. Let's face it, you can't take everything in one movie, you have to siege cities if you want to take over (usually), and they are considered battles.
  6. Imperator Marzullius


    I wonder who invented it.
  7. Imperator Marzullius

    Forum Upgrade

    heh, yeah. Leave me a message at anytime! Do you get post counts for messages on your personal forum?
  8. Imperator Marzullius

    Hbo Rome and... BBC too

    Funny. As soon as I switch to showtime, HBO comes out with something good. I hope to buy the box sets when they come out. They should release the first season when it's done on like the PPV for like $9.99 allday 1st season kinda thing. But they probably won't.
  9. Very interesting! Yes, there was other species of man. But I think they either died out naturally, or we just killed eachother. Either way, we're the winners! I remember watching the history channel about the evolution of man and watching as the neanderthals and us first came in contact. It was pretty cool. But I think it was quite violent... If different clans of the same species were killing eachother, it's hard to believe two different species of humans would get along.
  10. Imperator Marzullius


    My roots actually go back to the campania province before my family came here in 1959 AD. I hope here we can discuss the history of ancient naples. I heard it was very greek-like as greeks colonized it. I still consider it to be apart of roman history, but it was definately something before rome came along. I hope to learn more about this so I can have a better understanding where I come from on the regional level.
  11. Imperator Marzullius

    Enthusiast Uses Google To Reveal Roman Ruins

    Sure is. Just when you think ancient rome is not much of a mystery anymore, then something like this happens!
  12. Imperator Marzullius

    Attitudes Of The

    Where's 'The Roman Code'?
  13. Imperator Marzullius

    Life And Morals In Greece And Rome By Joseph Mccab

    Yes, I agree. Slaves were more like.... The working working class. No typo.
  14. Imperator Marzullius

    Military Styles

    I chose middle empire. I think the main mistake is training non-italians instead of letting people govern themselves with a sword to their back in case they got any ideas. And the province can send tributes or get plundered for the tribute, their choice. No military training, no financial aid, not even a roman style provincial government. I consider everyone on the italian peninsula south of gaul and in sicilia...italian.
  15. Imperator Marzullius

    Bad Leadership

    Personally, I love every aspect of Rome. You have to look at its heighest point to really know what made it do a 360, what could've been done to prevent that, and what the results would be. Like would it have been remotely possible for Rome to make it through the dark ages? Even without accepting christianity? I blame christianity, the barbarian invasions, and some really bad leaders on the collapse. Simply the best part of italian history. If only we took notes on ancient rome, then maybe we would be a super power of our own to this day. No, not an empire, the days of the empire is done for. But for a unique utopia in a blend of constitutional monarchy with its own style of republic. Imagine the technology advancements if the barbarians hadn't invaded! I wish to study all aspects of latin. There is gaps in latin, but I think it would be cool to utilize italiano to fill in those gaps to create a new language. Is that endeavor possible? The new empire of today is America. But not the empire you would think. The empire of capitalism. Just think of it like this. Everywhere there is coke & pepsi, there is america...