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  1. nonconformistNeo

    A Brief Overview of Paganism

    someone said that a pagan originally was a term used by the Christians that were to refer to a country man or peasant.
  2. nonconformistNeo

    avatar questions

    I understand, sorry for the nasty attitude. I probably sounded somewhat like this guyhttp://www.youtube.c...h?v=JT-qLtH4kzY
  3. nonconformistNeo

    avatar questions

    Unbelievable, Why am I forced to have to post 5 post's just in order to have a avatar?!? and then I can't post at all until the 16th once 2 more post are used up. How ridiculous and gay, it sounds like the person in charge of this forum is a narcissistic sociopath. He probably didn't even earn the most highest position in this forum and can have everything he wants and control who ever he wants here as well as probably many others who shares a portion or little pieces of his power. The Roman Republic was supposed to be a republic but probably never was, not a certain dictatorship or hierarchy unless a republic is a hierarchy. It reminds me of the noble lie Plato brings up in his fantasized republic. Plato wrote the republic which was an attempt "by him" to prove how false and dangerous the city-state is. If this forum was not run by a dictator, then the problem of uploading a avatar and having all the features for all members would no longer be an issue and everyone would be free of the administrators tyrannical reign. So will the dictator let me have access to getting a avatar, all the features and let me post as much as I want without the dictator reviewing every single post I make especially if I am not braking any rules? It's only a forum after all and If you don't let me have access to all the features then I will leave this site and just post what I wanted to post elsewhere
  4. nonconformistNeo

    how to upload an avatar

    Ok, I see why I cant have an avatar yet, never mind my first post.
  5. How do I upload an avatar? When I go into edit my profile a red exclamation mark is present telling me I'm not allowed to modify some or all of my information, why is that?