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    Gens Julii Stemmata

    Claudia Thanks. What you say is true. In fact I plan to get a copy of the Aeneid asap. But there is quite a lot more detail if you look around, for example (and I suspect that some of this may come from the Aeneid) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alba_Longa What I'm looking for though is more detailed information about the Julii, either individuals or the clan. And of course, by what lineage (real or imagined) were the Julii connected to Aeneas? Was it via Romulus, or was it via the Alban royal lineage? Kind regards
  2. arviragus

    Gens Julii Stemmata

    Thanks. I though maybe that was it and had a quick browse through some of that. Do you have any thoughts on sources for early Jullii? I did a quick search through a txt version of Livy I have found but that didn't show up some of the early names I have come across eg Libo, Numerius, and I really don't know where to look for information on women, or more information about these people, other than the occasional "held office as Consul in year AUC XXX. Maybe it just does not exist
  3. arviragus

    Gens Julii Stemmata

    Thank you Flavius Valerius Constantinus I will have a look. When you say "history" section, where exactly do you mean?
  4. arviragus

    Gens Julii Stemmata

    Hi I'm trying to find information about the origins and lineage real or mythical, of the Julian clan. I'm especially interested in the very early periods (supposed descendancy from Aeneas, pre-founding, early Republic) and also around the period 250BC onwards. Any dates, names, offices held and any specific information about actual individuals would be great. Also especially for women of the clan (no matter how distantly related), about which I have found very little. I have found these links below and I had found another with more marriages shown, but I've lost the link now. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucius_Julius_Caesar http://www.acs.ucalgary.ca/~vandersp/Cours...ata/julclst.jpg Any information or help on where to look e.g. sources would be very much appreciated. Many thanks. PS If you are curious, this is not because I'm trying to prove that I'm descended from Aeneas!