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Barberian Names

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Barberians are made only for fight they like the red by the same time they are very loyal to whom them love

A berber can't expresse his feeling, can't say i love you but his way to do is to sacrify him self for whom he loves....and for this reason many Empires was built in the Barberians land...



Axel = does't mean Above ?

Massinissa = does't it come from Mass Massen

Jugurtha = From Jugula Jugular ?


by the way the spoken berber has too much similarities with celtic and latin than after the arrival of the arabs it developped again even by the income of the frensh at the begining of the 19c ...


for exemple :


skeliette = les escaliers = the upstares




another words ...



My grand parents and old peoples who keep talking berbers , they call the school = Schula "or as it can be righten in french as =choula" wich is the same as Deutsch Schule....


well i note that we call all the old ruines a comun appelation : " Henshire" or in frensh "Henchire" wich is prononced hensheer....


Does't it mean Hen-Shire ?



I live in a henShire in the Old Cirtha Militatia south of Cirta actualy Constantine in the rigion of the last berber queen Dihya ...

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