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Rome Soundtrack help needed

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Hi there,

I need some help with the wonderful Jeff Beal's soundtrack to the Rome Television Series

All music is from Season One but I would like to know which episode each song is coming from

I would like to rewatch that particular scene on DVD and then listen to the corresponding music on CD

Thanks in advance!!

Btw, is a CD from Season Two foreseen?



1. Rome Main Title Theme (01:33)

2. The Forum (01:41)

3. Terrible News (01:13)

4. Niobe's Theme (03:14)

5. The Battle Has Begun (Caesar's Theme) (03:12)

6. Octavian & Octavia's Theme (02:02)

7. Riot in the Senate, Pullo Finds the Gold (04:06)

contains dialog

8. Caesar Reunites with Servilla (02:41)

9. Janus Breaks (01:48)

10. Marshall Law, The Temple (02:14)

11. Caesar's Seizure (02:34)

12. Hell Hath No Fury (02:27)

13. Vorenus Made Evocati, Servilla's Curse (05:06)

14. Farewells, The Storm (03:18)

15. The Raft (03:22)

16. The Death of Pompey (04:57)

17. Octavia Seduces Octavian (02:28)

18. Cleopatra Seduces Caesar (03:50)

19. Triumph (07:08)

20. Mark Antony & Atia (01:38)

21. Vorenus Saves Pullo (05:35)

22. The Murder of Julius Caesar (03:13)

23. Niobe's Fate (05:13)

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